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Inside the busy Duncan Junction country store, Rebecca’s Grill caters to a savvy bunch of locals and old-timers, as well as people just passing by on Route 42. Fast, friendly service and generous portions of great food make this the go-to stop for local contractors, farmers, and anyone in-the-know that wants a hot meal in a hurry.

Proprietor Edward King and his family have been in the restaurant business for generations, and Ed seems to know everyone that comes in the door. And even if he doesn’t, he sure makes you feel right at home from the very first time you visit.

Despite the rush during breakfast and lunch, Rebecca’s friendly and experienced staff get your order in and out in a jiffy.

Rebecca’s Grill also stays busy with catering local businesses like Bob Barker’s, John Deere, and Caterpillar, and also caters many local events and occasions, from weddings to pig pickins.

Stop by Rebecca’s Grill for some great country food, or call today to have them cater your next event!

Reasonable Prices

  • Pig Pickins
  • Banquets
  • Reunions
  • Parties
  • Corporate Lunches

Any Menu!

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(919) 557-3822

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Cary Magazine Article

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Any Menu

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Reasonably Priced

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